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Welcome to Love Book

Being the ‘single’ friend in a group of ‘attached’ friends is quite a frustrating label for anyone to be stuck with. You see, you become their little pet project. Everyone thinks that it is up to them to set you up with your soul-mate. These ‘attached’ friends of yours always feel the need to set you up with a few of the other unattached friends that run in their extended circle… so you are forcibly sent on blind date after blind date.

Most of these dates end up being cringe-worthy events that you will have to live with for the rest of your life, head hung and feeling bitter resentment toward your do-gooder ‘matchmaker’ friends. There is a way to find love other than this folks! Instead of indulging in your attached friends matchmaking delusions of grandeur, get on the dating scene on your own time.

A premier dating site for single men and single women

Welcome to Lovebook. A premier online dating site where singles can meet, chat and form long lasting relationships. Are you sick and tired of being single and feeling some sort of unidentifiable loneliness? You may have close friends and an incredible family unit – but have you found ‘the one’? Or are you on what seems to be a never ending search for Mr or Mrs Right? Lovebook is an online dating site that has been expertly designed to help you find a committed and long lasting relationship. With us, you will be able to speak to other singles who share the same interests and beliefs as you do and of course, in a safe and secure environment.

You no longer have to experience those awkward blind dates, having meaningless conversation filled with silence while watching the clock tick-tock slowly overhead. Now you can chat to other singles in the safety of your home, through the security that is your computer screen. The anxiety that comes with blind dates and set-ups is somewhat overwhelming. With the internet, we have been given a chance to be more in control of our dates and our dating lives.

Instead of being set up on awkward blind dates, we are now able to pick and choose who we would like to engage with. Our online dating website provides you with a selection of single men and women, all of whom have created intricate profiles. These profiles will assist you in finding someone who shares the same interests and beliefs as yourself. If a member of Lovebook catches your eye, you can simply pop them through a mail. If they would like to respond, they can send you a chat room request. Out chat rooms are a safe place where people can get to know one and other in a virtual space. This is a stress free form of casual dating. Once you get to know a person in one of our chat rooms, it is up to you whether or not you would like to meet face to face.

Online dating is a great way to meet other singles from the safety of your own home, with the lovely barrier of a computer screen protecting you from the awkwardness that comes with dating and you are actually given the chance to be in control of your love life for once.

Who knows, you may just meet the love of your life online… and you may have the opportunity to introduce your friends to your new partner that you met without their incredibly annoying and some may say, traumatising ‘help.’